Currently, students of the School of Accounting fall into three levels: undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates. The undergraduate program consists of four majors: accounting, financial management, auditing and assets appraisal; postgraduates are either academic or professional; the doctoral program comprises two major research orientations, namely theory and methodology of accounting, financial management.

The accounting discipline has been granted jointly by the Ministry of Education, Shandong Provincial Government and Shandong Provincial Educational Department the following status: the provincial-level key discipline (1991), the provincial-level to-be-strengthened key discipline (2002), “Taishan Scholar” post-granting discipline (2008), the provincial-level characteristic key discipline (2010). The accounting discipline ranks among the first group of comprehensive reform pilot disciplines in “Undergraduate Education Project” launched by the Ministry of Education, the council unit of the National Accounting Development and Reform Synergy Innovation Center (2011 planned project of the Ministry of Education), provincial pilot major of education reform (1999), provincial brand major(2006), national characteristic specialty construction program (2007). Our accounting laboratory is both experimental area with innovation cultivating mode for national applied accounting talent (2007) and provincial experimental teaching demonstration center (2009).

Established in 1994, financial management major is among the first group of undergraduate majors in China and it became one of the provincial characteristic major in 2009. Since 2012, professional master candidates of financial management have been enrolled. Auditing was established in 1986 and the master program in 2014. In 2006 assets appraisal was established as an independent major, and in 2010 it was granted the authorization qualification for the master’s degree.

At present, there are two provincial-level teaching teams: “accounting” (2006) and “financial management” (2012).

There are 130 faculty members in our school. Among 109 full-time teachers, there are 27 professors, 56 associate professors, and 60 of them possess doctoral degrees, 20 with overseas experience of either study or being visiting scholars. Three of them are the National Outstanding Teachers and one of them is the Cross Century Academic Leader of Ministry of Finance, seven of them are doctoral supervisors. Moreover, there is one specialist who made outstanding contribution to Shandong province and one prominent teacher of Shandong province, as well as one counselor of China Accounting Informatization Committee.

During the past 5 years, our school has made prominent achievements in both education and research. For example, Basic Accountancy and Financial Management have been selected as the national standard textbooks of twelfth five year for universal higher education. And Basic Accountancy, Financial Management, Company Finance and Junior Financial Accounting are praised as the Boutique Course in Shandong Province. We hosted the national research project of the “two funds” and over 50 key research projects of Ministry of Education and Shandong province. Over 60 articles have been issued on Accounting Research Study, Economic Perspectives, Chinese Journal of Management Science and other key journals. More than 30 academic works have been published. We have won over 30 prizes, including the prize of scientific and technological advancement of Shandong, prize of outstanding achievement of social science, prominent education achievement prize of Shandong and so on. The School of Accounting has established a teaching team, with top talents being leaders, discipline pioneers as the pillar, young and middle-aged teachers as the foundation and with appropriate size, reasonable structure, fine quality, full energy, international visions, spirit of cooperation and innovation. We are confident that our school will become a key base where accounting talents are cultivated.